How to loose 16 pounds in three months . . . without trying!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Tea, coffee, Mandazi White rice, beans, green vegetable Ugali, green vegetable
Tuesday Tea, coffee, bread White rice, potatoes, chapati, meat (goat), potatoes, bannana Fresh maize, beans, green vegetable
Wednesday Tea, coffee, bread White rice, potatoes, tomatoes White rice, beans Chapati
Thursday Tea, coffee, bread Ugali, green vegetable White rice, greens
Friday Tea, coffee, sweet potatoe Spaghetti, karanga, green vegetable Fresh Maize, beans, green vegetable
Saturday Tea, coffee pancakes Chapati, green vegetable Muthakoi, beans green vegetable pawpaw
Sunday Tea, coffee, baked cake White rice, cabbage Chapati, white rice, potatoes, cabbage

Mandazi: (Kenyan doughnut) African fried bread, not as sweet as U.S. doughnut but my favorite! I also liked the cooked cabbage on rice.

Chaqpati: A flat, pan fried bread . . . served frequently wiht dinner meal.

Ugali: Made from maize (corn) boiled to thick paste. Natives break off a piece, roll it into a cone shape and scoop up the soup or sauce. (You always wash your hands before a meal, and, obviously, after . . . Napkins not normally provided. I never developed a taste for this!

Pawpaw: Papaya, a fruit . . . I think

Karanga leaves: Tapioca comes from this, but never tasted like the tapioca pudding I have had.

Muthakoi: Never did find out what this is.

The diet works only if . . .

You don't have electricity

You don't (obviously) have a refrigerator, stove or microwave.

You don't have a grocery store or restaurant nearby.

You eat nothing that comes in a package.

You do not drink alcohol, soda, juice or milk but lots of water.

You use a "pit" toilet and stay regular.