Where Was God on September 11?

The title is not original . . I know of a least one book and several articles that have used it. I have not read any of them but ’m intrigued by the question. It begs to be answered. Is there only one answer? Do I have THE answer. Not for you, I don’t. The answer, the truth, lies within the heart of each of us. What must come before truth is a willingness to give up the past. To be given eyes to see and ears to hear, and to see the same things we have always seen in a new, transforming way. A unique and personal way that will move us from “truth” prescribed for us by some religious group, to something personal that will transform our lives in a way that will make our world a better place.

This day, Sep. 11, 2002 marks the anniversary of what Ossama bin Laden must have seen as his moment of truth. The moment when his God allowed his eyes to be opened in a transforming way, to bring about God’s will as he understood it. Or was he unwilling to give up the beliefs and traditions that had become such a part of his “truth” and closed his eyes and ears from seeing and hearing his own truth. Could he come to the same conclusion, that Americans must die, if he did it in the name of Osamma bin laden, rather than his God, Allah? I don’t think so.

“Truth” must come from from somewhere. It needs to be nurtured over a lifetime. For me it came from the Christian tradition. My life has been shaped by the vision of Jesus and the radical love he proclaimed. I don’t believe he would try to rid the earth of wealthy Americans, nor do I believe he would retaliate with the vengeance we Americans are seeking. I really don’t know what he would do . . .except that love, unconditional love, would be a factor, perhaps the only factor. That “truth” would emerge from the uniqueness of his life just as it must emerge from my own. Where was God on Sep. 11, 2001? The same place he is today. In my heart, soul . . my very being.

Don Wierenga