The Carvings of Boudewijn DeKorne

5/19/02 From the photo collection of Vera VanIwaarden
Vera has noted the location of the carvings, or in the case of individual pieces, who has possession at the present time.
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aboventra angelhd Bank++4 bank+3 bank1
Law library Univ Of Michigan (same design as Univ Of Oaklahoma).jpg U of M.jpg Ceiling at Michigan National Bank (Amway Hotel) G.R..jpg Bank 2.jpg Bank3.jpg
bank2 beamokuv brdchjde2 brdchjdek brwchpupfur
bank4.jpg Beam Oak, Univv.jpg Broadway Church2.jpg From Broadway Church Jack DeKorne .jpg Pulpit & Bench Furniture now at Westview CRC.jpg
cdchecrncblily-Roelofs ceiling celfixglptr clmpsjkdek cookie desg
Carving on cedar chest for Lily DeKorne (Lily & corn cob)-Ruth Roelofs.jpg ceiling.jpg Ceiling Fixture - Glen Peterson.jpg Clamps Jack DeKorne.jpg Cookie design.jpg
dortoreadrm furnstore gram'swork-vera gramruboklib gramswork-Meldk
dortoreadrm.jpg Figure found in storage room of DeKorne Furniture Store - Ken Ryskamp.jpg Carving - Mel DeKorne Grandma & Ruby at U. of Oak Library.jpg Copper design by grandma DeKorne -Vera VanIwaarden.jpg
handle2 joeych joeytbl knfhndl libdors
Knife handleandle2.jpg Chair Joey (Byl) DeKorne at Glen Lake.jpg Table (In early day photo's of Grandpa's Workshop) -- Joey (Byl) DeKorne.jpg Knife handle carved at age 14 aboard ship to U.S. Sold similiar one to Capt. of ship- - Cara Ryskamp.jpg U. of M.jpg
longview oakuniv oakunivlib oldentoakuv piabnch-Lenv-Trudy
Oaklahoma U.jpg Oaklahoma U.jpg Oaklahoma U.jpg Old entrance Oaklahoma Univ.jpg Piano Bench from 44 Grove St. G.R. Trudy/LenVanNoord
pinboxAnn ptrsrug pundish-Mildred rubyglvbox-vera shoemahogann-Trudy
Pin Dish -Anna's name carved on back.jpg Rug Bertha & Bill Peterson.jpg Pindish-Mildred.jpg Ruby's glove box-Vera VanIwaarden.jpg Mohogony Shoes Carved for -Trudy .jpg
statoklib StCatherin strcsvoigtho-GR toolsptr wall
Statue at Univ of Oaklahoma lib.jpg St. Catherine working model for Oaklahoma U. Ken Ryskamp.jpg Voight House G.R.jpg Carvings tools - Jeff Petersonr.jpg wall.jpg
wallplaque-janedek wtchholdbkenpndsgr-LenTrudy
Wall plaque-Jane DeKorne.jpg Collection: Bookends, watch holder, dish Trudy/Len VanNoord.jpg