Cozumel, Mexico

This was our introduction to the Mayan culture and the highlight of our visit to Cozemal. We would learn more about these fascinating people when we visit Belize.

The Maya were concerned with creating monumental ceremonial spaces, often astronomically aligned somehow connected with their spiritual beliefs. It seems they were a peaceful people until the Spaniards introduced them to the Christian religion. So much bad happens when we try to force our religious beliefs on others.

Although most information suggested the was built around 300 BC, the majority of the buildings appear to date from between 1200 to 1500 AD, when the city was inhabited by the Mynas.

Strategically positioned at the top of a cliff, it was ideally suited as a fortress city surrounded by walls on three sides with the fourth side protected by the sea. During the 13th century, the residents of Tulum became trading partners with their neighbors in Mayapan, another important city also located on the Yucatan. This relationship appears to have ended when the Spaniards arrived. Within 70 years of the Spanish Conquest, Tulum was completely abandoned.

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