This "at sea day 5" actually started with the storm that ended day 4. The high pressure that gave us the beautiful day in Belize, gave way to a low pressure system that brought high winds and heavy rain.. Shortly after midnight, after watching the storm from the top deck, I returned to the 9th floor lobby to find water sloshing over the floor. I reported it to a staff person and soon a crew with 8 vacuums made a vain attempt to clean it up. The drains over overloaded but the problem was quickly brought under control.

The wind was strong all day, but we did spent time lounging by the pool. . . . And eating. As Ginny said food is far too convenient, no matter the time day or night you can easily find something to eat. At any rate the prettiest part of the day was the sunrise . . . Lasting only a few minutes, but very spectacular. Click here to view more photos of that day.