Costa Rica

Our trip from Puerto Limeon, into the central part of Costa Rica was by motor coach. An enjoyable trip of about an hour, to our destination- - - an aerial view of the rain forest.. A unique “bird's eye view” of some very spectacular tropical rainforest canopies.

Tropical Rainforests are home to 50-90% of all the world's species of plants and animals, featuring intense tropical sunlight, high temperatures and virtually constant rainfall, that make all this possible.

At first it seemed that our "converted ski lift" contributed to the fact that half of Costa Rica's deforestation has occurred since 1950. We also treked through the jungle, not exactly with machete in hand, but on well marked trails. This particulary site is privately owned and in fact you, too, could own a Rain Forest in Costa Rica and preserve it; they claim this to be a new approach to preserving the Rainforest.

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